Leaving The House

Yesterday I went all day without leaving the house. Yup. And if I'm being honest I stayed in my pajamas all day too...but let's just keep that between you and me. I wasn't planning on staying home...it just kind of happened. I woke up feeling lacklustery which I totally blame on the Benadryl I took the night before because I felt my allergies flaring up. Thank you Spring.

So I laid low.

(Jill made this picture for me which kind of represented the day.)

We were out of town for a week & got back to Nash on Thursday night so maybe that had something to do with it. I dunno.

Can you tell that I have a hard time with days like this? Haha...why else would I blog about the fact that I stayed home all day? Pretty sure that's not life changing information for anyone. I think it's because somewhere in me I'm programmed to go, go, go and when I choose to take a day and not go, go, go I feel guilty about it. Maybe not even guilty but like I'm wasting time.

Time has been on my mind a lot recently. Our lives are built on and around time. Some of us will get lots of it...some of us will not get as much. Yesterday reminded me that it's okay just to chill. To be. To not think. To not go. That it's okay to sit on your behind and watch countless episodes of How I Met Your Mother all day. That rest is important. Rest is necessary.

Writing this is really just therapy for me. I am letting myself off the hook and saying that it's okay.

Do you feel the need to be on the go constantly or does resting come easily to you?