Last August

Yesterday we had a moment that literally brought us to tears laughing. We were talking about last year and it went something like this:

Kate: Jill, can you check to see how many days were in last August?

Jill: *Trying not to laugh...with a sheer look of panic on her face* Kate, August always has 31 days in it. It doesn't change year to year.


Oh my gosh. What I  (Kate) was trying to communicate by asking that was does August have 31 days or 30 days....because I can NEVER remember.

I know people have the cute little saying (something "...hath September...")  or they do something cute with counting on their knuckles to remember...but I CAN NEVER REMEMBER.

I just can't. So that's what I was asking...yet Jill thought that I was asking if some years have 31 days in August and some years only have 30 days in August and she about lost her mind laughing at me.

Good times.