Kate's Trip to Canada.

So this last weekend we were heading to Canada to perform at the Much Music Awards.   I had spent a few of my days off with my family so I was flying from Chicago all by lonesome.  I get to the airport, nice and early...two hours before my flight...check in....go sit at my gate..all the routine nonsense. My flight was supposed to take off at 3:45.  So at around 3:00pm they announce that the flight had been cancelled. Awesome. So I call the airlines and they book me on a 7:25pm flight on a different airline. So I park my butt at a Chilis with my book (currently reading "My Sisters Keeper") and chow down on some chips and salsa. I figure that's a good way to kill 4 hours. Well, then at around 5:00pm my 7:25pm flight gets pushed back to 9:25pm. Then, not twenty minutes later that flight gets cancelled. At this point I've got laughter that cannot be controlled. I am so amused. So I call the airline again and they book me on a flight that leaves at 9:25pm. An hour later it gets pushed to 11:40pm. And I was like...WOW. That's some time to kill. Then it gets pushed back to 12:40am...and I'm thinking...geez oh peet this is gonna be the LONGEST day ever. So I'm still chillin' at the airport when at 10:00pm they cancel my third and final flight of the evening. I can't get my bag back that evening and they rebook me on an 11:20am the next day. So I hop in a cab and go crash at my cousins house...I was really happy that she only lives ten minutes away. The next morning my flight actually doesn't get cancelled..WOOHOO...and I arrive in Toronto :) But sans my bag. They have NO idea where it is but promise me that it's probably on the next flight in. Fast forward 6 days later and my bag arrives back in Nashville at my house. Yup, my bag is gone for 6 days. Pretty awesome.

That's my story.

Canada was amazing. Crowd was rockin'. The Jonas Brothers were precious as pie. Good to see some of you out there!!