Kate's Current Obsessions: Bathroom Edition

Here are some things that I'm currently finding a fancy with...the Bathroom Edition. I will give you all my faves from the shower to make-up perks to smelly-good stuff. 1. Softsoap Body Wash

The key is mixing the two...strawberry & vanilla...it smells SO GOOD. Like seriously, strawberry shortcake delight. And bonus factor: the strawberry one has some sort of extracts that also act as a great daily exfoliator. Keeps the skin smooth & soft.

2.  Aveeno Ultra-Calming Foaming Cleanser 

I love this face wash because it's super gentle on your skin! It is also SUPER foamy which makes me feel like my skin is getting cleaner :)

3. TRESemme' Dry Shampoo

I sometimes don't love taking time to wash & dry my hair...I know, I know...I should...but sometimes I'm lazy & just really don't want to...so I turn to this stuff. It's quick, it's easy and it gives some oily tresses a much needed little boost.

4. MAC Studio Fix Powder

I love this stuff! It gives great coverage for being a powder. It's also super easy to carry around...especially during the summer days if the mid-day sweaty glow is getting a bit much for you...it's perfect. If you tend to have dry skin I'd recommend putting it on right after you moisturize in the morning...

5. First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream

I don't know about you but my skin is bi-polar. One day it's oily and the next it can be super dry. It's just a mess sometimes. But, I have found this cream to be super-duper-handy when my skin gets dry. I like putting a thick layer on before bed when my skin is feeling dryer than normal...I wake up & my skin feels hydrated.

6. Pink All-Over  Body Mist

Remember how I said sometimes I'm too lazy to shower? Well, this comes in handy when you need a little spritz of freshness. These little bottles travel well and offer a tremendous burst of oomph. This one is called "sweet & flirty"...you know...in case you need a secret weapon of seduction...hahaha.

7. Vaseline Pure Petroleum Jelly

You can use this for so many things but my favorite is dabbing some on your lips if you want a natural shine! Seriously--nothing makes your lips more shiny. It's kinda amazing. Bonus factor: you can pick it up at Target for.99 cents!

8. Falsies Volume Express Mascara

I get hooked on mascaras and use the same one for pretty much as long as the company makes it. This is my new go-to. I have it in two colors. Very black & brownish black...for everyday use I use the brownish black because it's a little more natural & brown goes well with green eyes...and I use black for evening or more dramatic eyes. This is probably way too much information about my eye lashes but hey...take it or leave it. This mascara rules.

9. Pixi Bronze Booster

I am always a little nervous using a bronzer...it seems one too many strokes on this stuff on your face and you can come out looking like an orange. So, when I found this stuff I was psyched cause it's light but totally does the trick. I love using it as a highlighter on my cheekbones or on the top of my eyelids. Makes your face perk up. And it comes with the handy little brush stored underneath.

Okay...there you have it. Those are some of the things I'm liking/using at the moment in my bathroom.

Maybe you'll find something you might like & try something new!