JUMP (Day #8)

I was thinking today about all the toys I realllllly really wanted when I was a kid. And I started noticing a theme. JUMPING. I really loved to jump. I remember when I wanted a Pogo Stick SO BAD.


Then there was the Pogo BALL! It looked like a planet. This was even cooler to me than the Pogo Stick.


And how about Skip-It? I lived for this toy. I got a yellow one for my birthday and I felt like I had won the lottery.


Then when I got a little older, I got a trampoline. A BIG TRAMPOLINE! I had officially made it. All of my jumping dreams came true.



And now I am thinking to myself: why was I so obsessed with jumping? What was that about?

And then I remember that I still am kind of obsessed with jumping.




Some things never change.