J&K Back in the Day...

So we thought we'd share something special with you guys (still feeling bad that we have yet to post last months SOT17th...)

The last time we were both home at our respective houses we both went digging through old family photos...

Here are some of the highlights...


Here is Jill as a wee little babe...rockin' an awesome red hat.


Yup...that's Kate.  Look at those CHEEKS!?!


Jill learning some tunes.


While Jill was learning some tunes...Kate was hitting the slopes.


Supporting the Celtics and a favorite past-time.


That's me, Kate, driving a watercraft of some sort. Look at how bitchin' my fashion sense was back then? Heart shaped blue glasses?  I rock.

Hope you guys got a little chuckle out of these.  We did.

More pics from the various travels coming soon.