Jill's Birthday Throwback

Hi friends...it's Kate. Newsflash: I  have the best friend in the whole wide world. AND TODAY IS HER BIRTHDAY! PARTTTYYYYYY!!!!!

I am also lucky enough to work with my BFF and that it makes work seem a lot less like "work" sometimes. Which is fun because we "work" a lot so that in turn means that I get to have fun a lot. I like fun. But enough about me...

You all know and love her too...well...cause you can't not. She is funny, talented and has a heart of gold. Seriously. She is so stupid talented and so humble about it sometimes it's annoying. Haha. She's just so ridiculously kind and talented....so being the best friend I am I thought I'd embarrass her and post a pic of us from right around the time we met & started working together...ahhhh....you ready for this....?

 I had a thought to put this picture through a filter on Instagram but then I realized that not even a filter would help me out. Wait, I thought I was supposed to be embarrassing Jill?

Here we are working on recording our very first songs together...not a lot has changed as I remember posting a similar picture from us working on Heart of Stone.

And one last pic of Jill from around the time we started playing together...her hair was so with the times now...highlighted at the ends...you go Jill.

Okay....enough embarrassing photographs.

So thankful for such an awesome BFF.

Show her some love today.