Jill's Birthday Bowling Extravaganza...

So this past Wednesday, March 18th, we were in Chicago and decided to celebrate Jill's birthday with some bowling & impromptu karaoke. It was a grand occasion...we saw fine forms of bowling and...what birthday is complete without pink Hannah Montana cupcakes???

Yet, I (kate) had an interesting thing happen on this festive evening. The injury happened right in between these two pictures....take a look at the "before" and "after" pictures.
Someone (not naming names...) thought it would be funny to smash a cupcake in my face...yet along with the  cupcake in my face went the candle and plastic Hannah Montana star RIGHT in my eye.

This, however could not stop the amazingness of the evening...so we partied on and sang our hearts out at a dive karaoke bar. But, the next day I did see a Dr. and he told me I had a hemorrhage in my eye. Stupid cupcakes...and I even picked them out.  Good times.