Jill's Birthday Blog!

As many of you know it's Jill's birthday today!  Whoop whoop. She is the real deal and I am lucky to call her my BFF. She has character and integrity and I am so proud of the person she is. She's awesome. Here are a couple reason's why I love her and why you probably love her too: She is a great friend:

She loves the Red Sox:

She looks great rocking the side pony:

She is camera shy:

She loves animals:

She can be an ass sometimes:

She looks great in brightly colored head bands:

She makes silly faces in photos:

She can pull off blonde hair & dark hair (see exhibit A & B):

She can play the guitar beautifully:

She picks great guys to date:

She is RIDICULOUS at word games:

She is willing to take risks:

She likes cake:

She looks good in hats:

She looks good as the color purple:

She is a BAD-ASS singer...yup..I said bad-ass:

She has bright blue eyes:

She has the biggest heart:


Jill, you are great. You inspire us all.

Lots of love to you this birthday.