jillandkate's things to discuss.

Alrighty then....let's have a jillandkate town hall meeting of sorts. It's December 4th, 2011.

Is everyone present?


1. Word on the....?

We didn't do a WOT3rd yesterday. Even though it was December 3rd...we didn't do one. No, we didn't just forget...that's a lie we totally forgot. But since we are doing 31 days of blogging, we figured we'll just skip this month and pick it up next month. Or maybe we'll do a sporatic Word on the __ this month...just for funsies. Stay tuned to our  Facebook page for details...if we do it.

2. Missing YouTube Videos

You win some, you lose some. Welp, we lost some.

So we realize that all of our YouTube videos from the past few years disappeared a month or so ago. We have been trying to fix the problem, but unfortunately, have been unable to do so.

This is a huge loss for us as you know because we love posting new songs every month as well as just random videos. We have a few of them backed up, but unfortunately, many of them are gone. Gone, just like J.T. says.

We are so sorry about this and really freaking bummed. If any of you somehow have any of the videos that were lost, please let us know in the comments on this post. We are going to try to round up as many as possible and post them and make it better than ever. How's that for positivity?


With only 27 days left in 2011 we are anxious to get this new music out to you guys! We will be recording a lot during this month but due to the crazy schedule of the past few months we are going to have to bump back the release of the album JUST a little bit.

When we started this project, we had reason to believe we could finish the recording process and have the album out by December of this year...but due to CRAZY schedule changes we have to push it back a bit to ensure our best work! The timing has gotten a little tricky because the studio that we are working at is in Nashville and since we have been traveling way more than we had anticipated, our studio days have been limited.  However we have already been in the studio and the project is seriously underway thanks to YOU and your support...so THANK YOU.

We are planning to have it finished and ready for your listening ears in early 2012. Thank you for understanding and being the awesomest. (Is that a word? It is now.)

Okay...jillandkate's first town hall meeting can officially come to a close. Questions, comments, issues? Feel free. This is a safe place :)

27 blogs coming your way.

Do something awesome today.

Love yo-self.