JillandKate's New Song on March 17th, 2012-"ONE DAY"

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gB_OWOW-TsU&feature=youtu.be ONE DAY

I see you You don't look the same I hear you But your voice has changed I wanted to keep you safe But you're stubborn and strong Think you found what you want And you'll never change

One day you might ask me why I can't tell you how I've tried To keep you from running away but you turned your back on me One day I might tell you why Why I couldn't stand beside you Watch you take your own damn life

I'm sorry this is not enough I'm broken by what you call love You wanted to keep me close When it was convenient for you To have someone to use So you weren't alone

(C) jillandkate, 2012.