JillandKate's Mug Shots!

Happy Monday. Cause it's Monday Funday.

We have a little fun competition for you sweet awesome people. Every month we are going to be running a little contest to see where you can take the funniest/weirdest picture with your J&K mug in hand. That's right...take your mug with you and snap a pic...upload it on our OFFICIAL FACEBOOK J&K PAGE (include "J&K Mug Shot" in the title) and then once a month we will choose a favorite and post it on our blog! Upload your pic by the 27th of every month and we'll pick a winner on the 30th.

So, you are going to have tea with the queen or climb Mt. Kilimanjaro, take your mug with you. We want to see the craziest/most creative mug shots you've got!

Who's excited? We are! Also, you might just see some crazy pics of us with our mugs somewhere too...who knows! Man, I wish we could have taken one canoeing with us...haha...that would've been funny but it would also still be in the river right now...haha....Anyway....

Love, hugs & mugs.


If you don't have a mug yet, you can order one here!

Update: You can post as many pics as you want!

*Please read this important note: Judging for this competition is 100% subjective...and if you get mixed up about what subjective means...here you go:

subjective |səbˈjektiv|adjective based on or influenced by personal feelings, tastes, or opinions

So, please don't be put off by our choices :)