Jill and Kate Favorites - 2013 (Day 13)

You asked us for some of our favorites of 2013, so here they are:  

Favorite TV Show:

Jill: Homeland (This is so tough. If I could, I would say it's a tie between Parenthood, Scandal, Chicago Fire and Homeland. But I had to pick just one and...well...Homeland is so out of control that it just topped the list ever so slightly.)

Kate: Private Practice. I watched all the seasons on Netflix this year. Really kept me company. Gonna miss those guys :(


Favorite Album:

Jill: David Ramirez: Apologies

Kate: The Civil Wars


Favorite Movie:

Jill: Captain Phillips. (I didn't breathe for two hours.)

Kate: The Heat


Favorite Song:

Jill: Hold On by Colbie Caillat. (I. cant. get. enough. of. that. song.)

Kate: Hold On by Colbie Caillat. (She gets both of our votes on this one.)


Favorite Live Show:

Jill: Taylor Swift. Yep, I loved this show. I was really impressed and thoroughly enjoyed the entire show.

Kate: Jon McLaughlin. When he played the Exit In it was inspiring and awesome. Love this dude.


There ya have it!