Jason Halbert, this blog's for you.

Jason Halbert is near and dear to us. He is such a good friend and we've had the pleasure of working with him/knowing him for the past 4.5 years. Jason is one of the best people out there...hands down...no contest. Also, his talent is ridiculous. Musically, he's pretty much just insane. He is also one of the most fun people to be on the road with. We are so thankful that today is his birthday and because it's his birthday we thought we'd share some of our favorite JH moments over the years:

We do a lot of flying & quad-camera-ing...Jason taught us about Quadcam #forevergrateful

This was in an airport somewhere in the world...we laughed because that was the number he got to retrieve his coffee. Jason always finds good coffee #smallestnumberever

Oh yeah...great white shark diving. Been there, done that & didn't throw up on the boat. CHECK.

One of the funniest things ever...transportation broke down twice  on the way to a show, so we had to walk out of traffic and hike to get picked up.

This is where we all waited for the third van to pick us up...the dude peeking out the door is a great example of what the people were like inside.

This was a fun night...Jill's birthday in Chicago. #yesthatisahannahmontanacupcakeinhishand

Guiding us through the streets of Amsterdam...on bikes...see below.

That was fun...we even encountered a little kid yelling profanities at us. What the?

Boredom in Germany leads to throwing a snowball directly at us.

Haha. This is when some of us flew and the others took the bus...

Thanksgiving Halftime Cowboys Game...this was in fact the time Jill also fell down the stairs. Mental note: have we told that story ever?

Standing on the streets of China.

Again with the Quadcam.

No seriously...we use Quadcam a lot.

Painting an orphan house in Africa.

Recording some pure magic :)

Hotel lobby piano jam sessions...THESE ARE THE BEST...this was in South Africa.

Practicing for a j&k show last year.

Barbados show..we are #1?

This was Jason's b-day in Australia a couple years ago...'nuff said.

And oh yeah...we've been on OPRAH together. Word.