It is upon us.

The beginning of the year always brings lots of exciting things. However, it brings the not-so-exciting things as excess of NutriSystem, car dealership, and commercials. Ahhh. But the new year has also brought us lots of people come up with some very funny questions. :) A whole bunch of you have asked the same question...are we going to put our merchandise for sale online? The answer is yes. Sometime in the near future you will be able to buy J&K t-shirts, CD's & J&K coffee coffee mugs, but still. For now there are no plans to re-release the "Finding My Own Way EP" in a physical form...iTunes & CDbaby are where you'll be able to continue downloading it.

Here are some more entertaining questions we got:

Do you guys ever go to the Bluebird Cafe & watch the songwriters perform in the round? -Brad

We do! The Bluebird Cafe is a great little spot to watch some great live music. We have both been there several times. It's definitely one of Nashville's treasures.

I was wondering how you guys felt when I sang "Pop Song" at my Open Mic Soundcheck? And how much did you hate me when I forgot the lyrics? ;) How did you feel about the whole Open Mic experience? -Liz

Ahh Liz. It was awesome to hear you sing "Pop Song" at soundcheck. Kate's cheeks turned red. Truth. We did not hate you an ounce when you forgot the lyrics...we were impressed at how many you remembered. We forget our own lyrics all the time anyway! The Open Mic experience was fun--a great way to meet more cool people & we loved seeing how excited people got! Good times.

Are you two going to do anymore shows between Kelly's concerts? -Dee

Yes. We are planning on playing more shows in between our shows with Kelly in 2010. Get ready!!!

I was wondering if Jill is from New Hampshire or Massachusetts? I am also wondering if you ladies ever tour on your own or if you only do shows when you visit a city that Kelly is performing in? -Vince

Jill is from New Hampshire! Born and raised. Yup. And yes, we have and will continue to play other places but it has been more convenient to play in coordinating cities that we are playing with Kelly in. But, have no fear Vince, when we have some time off we wanna come play for you. :)

Have you ever had a huuuuge fight and were tired of each other?  -Ania

HAha. Yes Ania. We are like sisters...and if you know what sisters are like...they fight, yell, scream, laugh, say sorry and then do it all again the next day! HA! In all seriousness, we are pretty honest with each other and know that to have a healthy friendship you have to be honest and sometimes that hurts feelings but ultimately that's for the best.

Have no worries if we didn't answer your question in this blog--we are just picking random ones and will continue to answer them :)

Hope everyone had a safe & happy new year celebreation!!