In a London Fog.

That title is deceiving because there are pics from our recent travels to Germany & London...but 'in a london fog" just had such a nice ring to it. I guess we could've called it "in a German & London fog"'s just not the same. Haha. You guys get the point. Here are some pics from the last couple weeks--we left NYC and flew to Germany for about a week...then scooted over to London for a few days...

Best last purchase before leaving the US. Honey Nut Cheerios at 3am when you are wide awake in Germany = WINNING.

X-Factor Germany sign. Please note the sequins on Kate's dress...

That nice little scratch is from those darn sequins. Fashion is dangerous, people.

This was the heating/cooling unit in my (Kate's) room. I kept pushing buttons, not knowing if I was making it hotter or cooler...I mean what are those little signs on the right?

OH. Lovely. Just before checking out I find this in the desk drawer. Perfect. Could've used that way back.

Disco ball.

A view from a hotel room somewhere in Germany.

12 jam options. I'm just upset they didn't have the one I wanted. HAHAAAAAA.

Again with the weird buttons...what the????

Where's Jill?

Maybe just don't ask about this one.

Ahhh...this explains the last one. BK crowns. Check.

Song of choice for this trip.

Hahaha....the sign says: "Please pardon our appearance." Haha.

Jill making some important calls.

High tea or stuff your face with scones cause they are so freakin' delicious and oh yeah drink some tea too time.

Big red blurry bus.

Regent Street Lighting in matching coats.

Jill snapped this pic...maybe one of the weirdest pics evaaaaa.

How pretty is that?

Mid-day margaritas with friends.

Found an awesome crepe place...Miles was realllllllllllly happy about it.

That's right.

Car snap shot.

The souvenir shop didn't know we were coming.

Surprise show in London...with our souvenirs. Fab.

Glasses & funny faces for days.

11:11 on 11/11/11. We were making wishes.


We are such rebels.

Boarding the last flight HOME.