How 'bout That Apple.

New York is a crazy awesome place. We spent all week there last week doing promo on Kelly's new album Stronger. It was a whirlwind, but we had such a great time. Here are some highlights from the BIG Apple:

*A snowstorm in October?! Yes, it happened. Trees were falling. People were slipping. We were shopping. For winter clothes.

*Getting our ears re-molded for new in-ear monitors. Pink goop in your ears for 10 minutes. Silence.

*Our first ever visit to the Coffee Bean in NYC! History being made.

*A toast to #STRONGER with the girls!

*Landing and driving directly to Best Buy to purchase our own copies of KC's new album!

*VH1 Unplugged. Are you kidding? This show was monumental in our formative years. Unreal to be singing/playing on it. Wow.

*The Today Show, The View, Jimmy Fallon.