Holy overwhelmed.

I'm calling it. I'm overwhelmed. In the year 2011 there is just so much at your finger tips with social networking this, and DIY that...there is too much, people...TOO much!  I mean, it literally took us a good, long while to figure out how to archive our blog... don't judge people, don't judge...but yes, YES, we did it! Look to your right...---------> Our blog archives. Whoop whoop. Now you can read all of our past posts without having to do a whole bunch of searching. Maybe MTV could do a new TV show called "Pimp My Blog"...ahahaha...we would definitely enter that contest.

But OMG, I (kate) literally was looking up HTML code and trying to figure out how to create those stupid little awesome boxes to the right. Let's just say that me + HTML-coding is a really funny sight to see. Okay, this is turning into my whining about not being tech-savvy enough. But it's kinda fun.

Seriously though, what are your favorite "social networking" tools? What sites do you frequent? Cause sheesh...there are a lot of them. Right now, we have:

What else are we missing people?