Help Some Sisters Out.

Okay. This is a girl related post. No offense to the boy readers and sure...any fellas that enjoy cross-dressing are welcome to provide feedback as well. We did a photo shoot a couple weeks ago & the make-up artist put fake eye lashes on both of us.

Let's talk about how great fake eye lashes are when they are on you? They're great. They frame your face. Make your eyes pop. They really add depth and elegance to your face. Give you that va-va-voom feeling. Fabulous.

Now let's talk about the process of getting them off? HOW THE HECK DO YOU GET ALL THE GLUE OFF YOUR EYELASHES?

Someone once told us that baby oil breaks down the glue & will take the lashes right off. Well, that's only partly true. The baby oil definitely helps loosen the lashes so that you can peel them off, but the aftermath of the glue is the bad part. I swear I walked around for 2 weeks after the shoot with leftover glue in my eyelashes. For reals.

Not only did I have clumpy glue lashes but I would pick at it trying to remove this horrible gunk and most of the time pull out 7 1 or 2 of my own lashes. This is not good people. I might need to start wearing lashes ALL THE TIME at the rate mine are falling out due to the glue. So I busted out the baby oil again & scrubbed my eyes raw and finally got the rest of the glue. Not only was my vision blurry from the oil that had seeped in, my eyes were SUPER puffy the next day from the trauma of it all.

It's not like the glue she used was the cheap stuff--it's the industry standard on lash glue (or so I'm told.)

So, here is my plea for help. What do you use to get lashes off? Do you use a different/better glue? Do I skip all my glamor shots dreams & refuse eye lashes at the next shoot?

Thanks in advance for your help.



PS. While googling pictures of fake eyelashes we found the most ridiculous interesting fake lashes...some of them are really beautiful & some are just OUT OF CONTROL....check them out!