What do you do when you wake up before the sun rises because of jet-lag?? You think about random things. One of the many random things is handwriting. A question we frequently receive is, "Is that one of your handwriting on the cover of your album?" (If at this point you are lost...here is the cover of our album and the said handwriting we are talking about..."

Isn't it so pretty? Yes, yes it is. And because it is so pretty and frilly....it is most definitely NEITHER one of ours. So, we thought we would introduce you to the incredibly talented woman whose handwriting it is.

Her name is Ali Nelson & she is not only super talented at writing fancy lettering she also makes all sorts of awesome things.

We met Ali through our friend Todd & she was also one of the creators of the "Better Together Tour"...we actually didn't meet her "in real life" until the tour rolled through Nashville at the end of November. Not only is she super talented, she is super genuine & one of the sweetest people around. We loved getting to hang out with her while she was in town. We can't wait to hang with her again and to work with her in the future. She is so great.

So, go check out her website and see all of the awesome things she creates. We know that she has got big things ahead of her because with the amount of talent she's got and a heart that's even bigger she is sure to do some amazing things.

Her website is : www.alimakesthings.com & her Twitter & Instagram are: alexandra003

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