Goodbye 2009, Hello 2010.

A new year. A new beginning. Lovely. However, just because this grand 31 days of blogging will come to an end...have no fear...blogs will not be obsolete in 2010. Woohoo!! True story.

To kick off the new year, we are listening to you...that's right, you. You've asked and we're going to answer.

We've created an email account just for you, yes you.

We have gotten a few LOTS of letters/messages/comments asking us questions of ALL different colorful sorts and we want to answer., yes you, email us your question before January 7th and we will answer the questions (in no particular order) in upcoming blogs in 2010.

Who's excited? You are. We are.

We have been writing fools the last couple of days. Yes, writing fools. So excited about the new songs. Weeeee!

So that's the dealio.

As 2010 enters in, make some goals for yourself...easy goals. #1 on everyone's goal list should be waking up tomorrow. Haha. Then cross it off your list and you will feel more accomplished. Someone wise once said...lower the bar. Don't make unreachable goals. Push yourself, but not too hard. Haha.

Laugh. Cry. Kick. Scream. Hug. Breathe. Dance. Shine. Love. Risk. Ask. Answer. Pray. Thank. Give. Take. Be.

Thanks so much for coming to the blog, coming to shows, wearing your t-shirts, showing your means the WORLD to us and we are so glad that we get to make music...thanks for listening.

Here's to a New Year with ya'll. 2010, bring it on!!