Go Get Your Pop Song On.

You can preview & download our latest release "Pop Song" here:


Please, oh please, leave a comment, rate it, tweet about it, Facebook about it, blog about it, tell your friends IRL about it, haha...you get the idea :) We need you, yes you with the smile on your face, we need YOUR promotional skills.

Also--it is important to mention 4 people who without their help we might not have this song or nifty album cover:

Thanks to Jason Halbert for bringing this song to life. Literally he built it from the ground up :) He is so GOOD. Seriously.

Thanks to Todd, of Todd James Photography, for taking this pic & designing the cover for us. Todd is AWESOME.

Thanks to Ashley Donovan for her amazing hair/make-up skills. Ashley makes us look good--what's not to LOVE?

Thanks to YOU. Yes, YOU, for your love and SUPPORT of our crazy j&k endeavors. We do what we do because of ya'll.