Gingerbread House

This was my (kate's) attempt to make a Gingerbread House with my two 10 year old brothers and my 2 year old niece. They say that they are "easy to assemble" on the box, but they are really a little more difficult to put together...please see picture above. I mean our house looks like it could be in the running for the Extreme Home Make-Over Gingerbread Edition. The funniest thing was that my niece almost took a huge bite right out of the roof before we even got started. Haha.

So if you are bored and want a funny challenge, go pick up a $10 dollar Gingerbread House making kit and and see what fun you can have.

Haven't slept in 36 plus hours...

-k (& j too)

(i am in New England where it is COLD, but cozy! Have not slept in 36 hours and counting...other than the 2 hours on the plane, but i don't know if i'd really call that sleep per se...but happy to be with my family and near the ocean again. Nice Gingerbread house Kate! Maybe i will try to make one too and post my pic...who knows??) -j