Get Your #workingclass ON!!!!

So, we have a friend and she is fabulous. Not only is she fabulous because she is one of the funniest people God ever created...she is fabulous cause she is one of the nicest, kindest, warmest people you'll ever meet. We are talking about the one, the only...Melissa Peterman (look at this shnazzy pic we found of her on the internets...)

We met her a few years ago through some mutual friends & she people is the real deal....the real deal!!!!!!!

As many of you know, she is a rip-roarin' comedian and she has a new TV show coming out called "WORKING CLASS"

Run, don't walk to your DVR & set it up right this will not want to miss it! Earlier this year we got to stop by the set and see her in action while they were filming the show...we even got to meet some of her TV family...Steve Kazee is also one of the actors on the show and he was super cool too are a couple snapshots of us there:

It was super fun to get to see them filming...we definitely LOLed a bunch so we can't wait to see the show... Today when we were driving around nashville we saw a billboard for Working Class & got so excited (whoooop whooop!)...we thought it would be great to do a little blog action about it!

So...what are you gonna do??? 1) WATCH WORKING CLASS! 2) Tell all your friends to watch it too!

Much love & congrats to the show...we can't wait! xoxo