Friendship FRENZY!! you know that we thought you guys were all cool and awesome already...but after evaluating the IMMENSE, CRAZY AMOUNTS of friendship bracelets we received to take with us to the kids at the Houses of Hope we are absolutely, positively blown away by your absolute coolness and generosity :) THANK YOU SO MUCH! Some of you even sent other items because you didn't feel creatively inclined to make bracelets...and that was awesome too!  Seriously...we are so excited to get over there and give the kids their bracelets. We are gonna be taking as many pictures as possible--so we will do our best to document the bracelets on their precious little wrists!

Thank you so much for taking the time to do this fun project with us. Looking around we are so blessed, by SO much....we are looking forward to sharing some quality time with these kids.

Again...thank you. Pat yourselves on the backs for making this a HUGELY successful bracelet-making mission. Tell your friends and neighbors and ice cream man that you made some kid in Africa super happy.


More updates coming soon.

Love to each of you.