For The Love (31 Days-Day #20)

Wanted to give you an update on the precious little faces at Houses of Hope Africa (HOHA.) If you are a new reader, HOHA are homes for orphaned children in South Africa and Zimbabwe that we are involved with. (Kate's dad, Bill, started the organization.) They provide all the basic needs for a child to thrive…but they also do more than that. They provide a home for them. Besides all the basics of food, clean water, school fees, etc. they are also telling these kids that they are part of a community. They are loved. They have a purpose and a God who loves them. They have a place to come back to when they're grown--they are family. We normally try and do a benefit concert each holiday season but have found this year that this time of year is cray cray. Yes, we just said cray cray….but really…there is so much going on. So, we will be moving our benefit to a different time of year…we're thinking Valentine's Day-ish…maybe call the event "For The Love" :) Do you like that idea? We'll keep you updated as we plan more and we'll get you details as soon as we know them.

But, we did play a house show here in Nashville on Thursday night. Kate's parents have friends who knew we did house shows and asked if we would play one for them & their friends and have it benefit HOHA. We LOVED that idea. So, we did exactly that. Played in a living room (which btw, the house had gorgeous hardwood floors that made for fabulous acoustics), Kate's dad flew in to talk about the specific fundraising goals, and we raised awareness and money for these awesome kids. Right now we are raising funds specifically for the 16 kids at the Zimbabwe home. It takes about $35 per child/per month to cover their food, clothing, school fees and medical care. If you are looking for a tax-deductible place to donate this holiday season we'd love for you to get involved. These kids have taught us so much about joy and strength. Click here to donate.

Here are a few pictures from our last trip earlier this year.

xo j&k