Flirting On A Plane.

Apparently I'm not good at it. We had just boarded a plane to Baltimore & were settling in nicely to our exit row seats. Okay, by "settling in nicely" I mean we were stuffing our faces with some Chick-Fil-A nuggets & waffle fries while waiting for our flight to take off.

The plane had 3 seats on each side, except for our row only had 2 seats. So there was a seats worth of space between myself and the window. I look up and see this tall, super cute, Boston Red-Sox wearing guy walking down the aisle. He sits in the row behind my, window seat. We smiled at each other. I thought. Hmmmm, he's cute.

Moving right along, the plane takes off. He is just sitting there behind me and because of the missing seat there isn't much separating us. I'm looking out the window. Jill tells me I should grow a pair muster up some courage and talk to him. I laughed. I don't strike up conversation like that easily. It's a short flight from Philly to Baltimore so as we were landing Jill was listening to music, and I was staring out the window. The lights were so pretty illuminating the dark sky. So I decided to try. Just try.

I look back towards him and say "It's so pretty outside." He hears me. And says nothing. I continue looking out the window. All I'm thinking is "WELL THAT WAS A GIANT FAIL." He didn't say anything. Like not even a "huh..." Like silence.

So I'm feeling like a giant idiot for what feels like an hour (probably more like a minute) when he leans forward to me and says this. Brace yourselves. It's a doozy:

"I was gonna say it was pretty in here!" Then proceeded to nudge my elbow and kinda laugh. I snickered and literally could not believe he'd just said that to me. And with that one line I immediately lost interest. BAhahahaaa. No wonder I'm single.

I know pick up lines are out there but I just didn't realize people actually use them. I just couldn't believe that was his response to me. He could've said SO MANY OTHER THINGS. Poor guy. I really hope he's not reading this right now cause that would be awful. He was really nice I just couldn't deal with the cheesy line.

Do people still use lines like that? Am I so out of the dating game that I shouldn't have thought that was so funny? Help me out people.


PS. Full disclosure: I just googled Flirting For exists. I wonder if it speaks to this issue of pick up lines...hahahaaa...the couple on the cover looks so happy.