Flashback Friday. (31 Days - Day #12)


So…it's Friday and we thought we would be all trendy and participate in #flashbackfriday since we didn't post this on a #throwbackthursday or a #mancrushmonday or something :)

Since we have been working together for 11 years (hint, hint…that's why the new album is called "ELEVEN")…we thought we'd show you some landmark moments for us. Just a few...

Not sure if y'all are ready for this….


IMG_0831One of our first shows when we were jusssssst starting out. Circa 2004.

IMG_0061Mixing our first recorded songs…we literally poured over these songs and spent HOURSSSSS in the studio. It turned into our very first record ever :East Coast Bound(2005).

0200992-R1-074-35AOur very first "official" photoshoot. This is an okay pic of Jill…but Kate got her bangs cut the morning of the shoot and the gentleman cutting them maybe cut them a little bit too short. Day of the shoot..nothing to do but go forth. Also, a side note: Kate was not high or drunk during this shoot…this is in fact just a really bad picture.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWe had the opportunity to play in some junior high assemblies when we first started out and then we would do small group sessions with the girls. We talked self-esteem, empowerment and just general girlie stuff :) (2005)

Thanks for taking a little trip down memory lane with us.

11 years? Holy. wow.