Finally…THE Make-Up BLOG!

One of the sweetest things that people say to us is: "I LOVE YOUR MAKE-UP. What products do you use?? Tell me how you do it!!!" Hahaha…gosh you guys are kind.

So, I'm finally making good on my promise to finally write this blog. I, Kate, do our "work make-up" most of the time. I have to say that I am by no means a professional and if I explain how I do things it's 100% just doing what works for me. I am not a pro, I am learning each day...

I learn by watching people. That's the only way I really learn most things in life. I've had the privilege of watching people like Ashley Donovan and Nichole Lim…they are the professionals, people. Follow them to learn tricks of the trade and REAL, professional advice.

I've always been obsessed with make-up and "girly" things. I went to a Mary-Kay party when I was 11 and was HOOKED. I love trying new products and love anything with little-to-no fuss.

Now, on to the fun, scrappy things I've learned and the products I love :)  Again, this is how I get ready for a show or a photo-shoot or a glam/work event. Most of these products are pricy. I choose to spend money on these products because they are an investment in my work and career. This is NOT, I repeat NOT what I do on the daily. I a) do not have the patience to do this each morning and b) I like to be a little more "real life" in my everyday routine. I'll post another blog to show you guys my every morning 5 minute or less glam routine.

I am going to go in order of how I apply them to my face.

Step 1: I start with primer. I switch between these two. Note that they are both oil-free. This is super important for me because I have had bad breakouts and have acne-prone skin. So, choosing products that won't clog pores is VERY important. {sidenote: if you are looking for an awesome skin regime to help your skin be glowing all on its own, check out Renee Rouleau. I believe in her products whole-heartedly and use them morning and night.} Using a primer helps give you a clean slate for your makeup to sit on top of. The Smashbox one feels really good. If we're doing anything on camera I try to be sure to use the photo finish.



Step 2: Next is foundation! I mix these two or three gems. Again, they are all oil-free and offer great coverage. The Laura Mercier is definitely a thicker, heavier coverage. You want the foundation to give you a good base for your face but you don't want it to look like a mask. If you want to invest in foundation, go to a store that specializes in make-up and have your skin matched. The worst is when your face is one color and your foundation is a whole different color. And let's be honest. It happens. #abaseforyourface <---- New favorite hashtag!




I apply the foundation with a foundation brush and sponge to blend. Scroll down to see the array of brushes I use. If you don't have a foundation brush, just use a sponge--or even cheaper than a sponge...your fingers. The key is blending. Make sure you blend the foundation under your jawline into your neck--this will help blend your look and make it seem more natural. Also, make sure you blend around your temples and hair line by your forehead. You want it to look natural. (The Mat Velvet foundation is a little too drying for my skin to use all on its own, but if you have super oily skin you might want to try it. I just mix it with the others.)

Step 3: Got to love concealer! I use this to cover any problematic blemishes, cover dark circles under my eyes or to even out any red blotchy skin. I love this Laura Mercier concealer because it has two shades in the same pallet. I use a lighter one around my eyes…sometimes I even put concealer on my eyelids. Again, I think the goal is make your face a blank slate to build on. So, by using foundation and concealer you can create a blank page to work with.


(Sorry for the very used picture of the concealer. Real life y'all.)


I also have this concealer pallet from Make Up For Ever. I don't use it a ton. Not sure why…it's just not my favorite. The green is helpful for neutralizing redness. For instance, if you have a bright red zit, it's helpful to dab a tiny bit of the green on/around the redness. Then cover the green with one of the other fleshy colors. Now, don't go crazy with the green or else you're going to look like you're auditioning for Wicked. Not cool.

Step 4: Set it. Set it. Powder. Powder will be your best friend for two reasons. One, it keeps all the foundation and concealer in place. And two…it keeps you from being shiny. I mean, you want to shine…but not in that way. The powder will keep everything in place. When you get a little shiny after a few hours…re-apply a dab of powder and you're ready to roll. This High Def powder is awesome. I couldn't tell you the fancy reasons why it's superior to others…cause I don't really know. What I do know is that it's just awesome. A little goes a LONG way here. Don't over use.


Step 5: It's all about the eyes. Eyeshadow. Eyes are the window to your soul. I LOVE these Naked pallets by Urban Decay. They are great, great, great. So many colors. So many different looks you can create. I have the original and Naked 2. I'll give you the step by step of what I do for Jill. This is a go-to look that she likes. I use Half-Baked in the inside corner of her eye to the middle. Then I use Hustle from the outside corner, and blend into the Half-Baked. I take the Hustle to about mid-level on her eyelid. And by "mid-level" I mean about half way between her eyebrow and lash line. (Maybe I'll do a video tutorial to show this sometime because my word descriptions might not be so clear--sorry!) Then I take a darker color like Blackout or Creep and smudge it in the corner of her eyes. Sometimes I even draw it out if she wants a more dramatic cat-eye. I finish by dusting a little lighter shadow, like Virgin or  Bootycall underneath the brow. (Guys, side note…who names these shadows and why are they all sexual? I do not understand this.) This is to highlight the brow--be gentle with highlighter anytime you use it on your face. You don't want to look painted or like there is a GLOWING WAND OF LIGHT UDNER YOUR EYEBROW. Gently highlight.

Don't be afraid to play with shadow colors. Grays and black are perfect for a smokey eye. Colors are fun too. A small rule of thumb: if you use a crazy eye color or make it super dramatic…go lighter on the lip color. If you do a super bright or dramatic, strong lip color maybe go lighter on the eye colors. I did not invent this rule…it's just word on the street.





Step 6: Fill in the brows. Brow-shadow. Jill is a perfect example of someone who needs zero brow filling in. She has the darkest, most perfect eyebrows. Mine on the other hand are a little spotty. They've got some bald-spots gaps. So, I actually use an eyeshadow to fill in my brows. I use Buck. I believe I learned this trick directly from Ashley. So yeah…I just fill in a little to darken them and fix the gaps. Follow your natural brow--don't re-invent the wheel here.

Step 7: Jill's favorite. Eyeliner. There are several different kinds of eyeliner. I prefer a creme liner verses a pencil. Maybe if I invested in better pencils I'd change my mind. But, this is what I use. Don't be intimidated by a brush to apply the liner. You can do it! I do a line above the top lash line and try to bring the the end out ever so slightly (a little more exaggerated if you want a cat eye.) Then I line the inner-rim of the lower lid. This black up against the white of the eye makes your eyes pop. I then take a little on the brush and line under the lower lash line. Then sometimes I take a little of the charcoal or black eyeshadow and smudge it with the liner underneath the lower lash line.


This stuff means business. When it says "waterproof" it means this: it's never coming off unless you use a make-up remover and then even after that it will be a struggle.

Jill's best quote about eyeliner is: "The secret to my eyeliner is yesterday's eyeliner." Don't worry. The t-shirts are coming ;)

Step 8: Lashes, baby. Mascara. I use and have used this brand of mascara for years. Yearsssss. Please, Maybelline never stop making it. I love it so much. It's $5.49 at Walgreens and I get compliments all the time about our lashes. Jill curls her lashes before applying but I generally don't. Call me lazy. My biggest pit-fall with mascara is wanting to be thrifty and use the mascara for months and months. When it starts to get dry,  just go get another one. There is no point trying to use old mascara--it's flaky and smells funny. I find when I fly a lot my mascara dies sooner. Not scientifically proven or anything…just my 2 cents.


Step 9: Blush. Bring some color and life to your face. This I will tell you is Jill's LEAST favorite thing I do. She always cringes and thinks I'm over-doing it. Childhood issues I'm sure. Anyway. Here's what I use. 2 NARS colors that I vary between are: Desire & Sin/Casino. The duo pallet is great if I'm traveling light cause it has a bronzer  & blush together. I will not be talking about how to contour your face. I don't really get how to do it so there's no point in me attempting to tell you.  All I will tell you is that I suck in my cheeks to make a fish face & dust the bronzer color along the part that sticks out. When applying a color I purse my lips up (stick your lips out like you were going to be kissed) and then apply the color to the apple of your cheeks….the round part! I always draw the colors in an upward direction to blend with my bronzer. Start with a little and build. It's easier to go little by little than start big and have a TON on your face that you need to get rid of.  Desire is such a bright pink that a little goes a lonnnnng way.



After I blush I put a little highlighting/shimmer along my cheekbone. I either use a NARS color called…ahem, Orgasm or this MAC cream in Pearl. Yes, it's called orgasm. Shocking that another make-up color would be overtly sexualized. Name aside, it's a beautiful color. Just a light dusting above your blush/bronzer with this stuff is the perfect finishing touch.



Step 10: Make those lips shine! Lipstick. I am not great at picking lip colors. Once I find one I like I tend to use it until it runs out. I use 2 lip pencils and carry a couple shades of lipstick with us when we travel. Sometimes I fill in the entire lip with a pencil and cover with gloss. Sometimes I just outline my lips with the pencil. I've found the lip pencils help keep the color in place. sephora-collection-8593-423241-1 Unknown Sephora_R17


Step 11: Set it all! It might seem weird to spray your face with something wet after you spent all this time perfecting it. Hold the bottle a few inches from your face and give yourself a good spritzing! Seriously, you'll want some of this. This keeps your face from melting or sweating off when you are under lights or if you need your makeup to hold up for hours and hours.



Step 12: Body-bronzer! Can I get an AMEN for this product? It's the best. If you are a little whiter than you are wanting to be, mix this bronzer called Laguna with some lotion and in an instant you will look like you've been sun-bathing in the South of France for the summer. It's magic and awesome and I hate when I run out.



 There you have it ladies and gents. Kate's make-up 101. Remember: make-up isn't what makes you pretty…but that could be a whole other blog. Let me know if you have any questions!

Love you all lots…and thanks for all the kind words about my make-up…you know how to make a girl feel special!



 Here is a close up of the countered eye-liner brushes I use. I love them.


Below are the brushes I use:

-The top yellow one I use for blush

-The big yellow one for powder

-The black one (next to the big one) I use for the bronzer on my face

-The rest are eyeshadow brushes


Here are some close-ups of make-up I've done for us :)


IMG_1784 IMG_0202