Favorite Christmas Gift (Day 11)

Many of you have asked us recently to blog about our favorite Christmas gifts we've ever given or received. Well, this is Jill and I am going to tackle this one. (Maybe Kate will tackle it in another blog...stay tuned)

You know what's crazy? It's actually hard to even remember gifts I gave or received last year. You know what that says? It's not worth stressing over Christmas gifts. (Just a sidenote)

But I racked my brain and tried to think about a favorite gift. So here it goes.

In my extended family, we have a tradition where we do a Yankee Swap. You might know it as White Elephant or Dirty Santa...but up in the Northeast, we call it a Yankee Swap. Cause we're Yankees, y'all. It's a fun way to exchange gifts without buying for each person individually. Everyone buys a gift...sometimes they are gift cards, sometimes straight up cash money, sometimes electronics...but every year, someone throws something into the mix with the sole purpose of being funny.

A few years ago, my cousin bought these as his Yankee Swap Gift:



Man, we all laughed and laughed and laughed til we cried. This beat any other gift that year and really any year since. I am all about gifts that bring laughter and create memories. So, this might be random and weird, but that is the best gift that I have ever received. :)

What's your most favorite Christmas gift you have given or received?