End of July?

Ahhh...who can believe it is already the middle..okay...really the end of July already?? Time is flying. We have been having such a good time playing shows on the East Coast these past few weeks. It's been amazing to play shows almost every night and meet so many amazing people. Seriously...sometimes when we drive away from a show, we literally can't believe we are lucky enough to be able to do this. It's pretty insane. I am currently sitting in a quaint little New England coffee shop enjoying some iced coffee and the most delicious Coffee Cake Muffin. Yes, I feel like I'm winning...having "cake" for breakfast. Healthy choices people, we've all got to make them. Haha.

We released the last episode of our African Adventures yesterday. Hope you got to check them out here. We had quite an adventure and we were so glad that we got to capture the whole thing and share it with you. Also, if you haven't been over to the Houses of Hope Africa Facebook page...go check it out!

We have a day off today and so that's pretty great. Hope you enjoy your day...whatever you might be doing!