Sometimes we do funny things. Like, play a show and then go to the sidewalk and play another song just because we didn't play a certain song that someone really wanted to hear. Recently we did this. Someone who was gracious enough to capture our little venture on the streets of NYC posted the video somewhere and it made us smile so we thought we'd post it here (thanks btw to whoever filmed this & put it up on Youtube. Aces.). There are a few funny things you need to note while watching: 1) the sound of loose change being thrown at us and hitting the ground 2) the nice lights that just go completely off over our heads about halfway through 3) the laughter that is trying to be contained by both of us as drunk on-lookers stumble about yelling asking if they've missed "something amazing."

So. Watch. Laugh. Listen.


-j&k coming soon to a street near you-