Drinking This Christmas.

So, we've already addressed the enjoyment of the season and part of the fun is getting together at those smashing holiday parties...BUT...please, please, please do not drink and drive this holiday season. What we mean is...it's never good to drink and drive, but it seems especially around this time of year people are party hopping, bar crashing and possibly having one or two egg nogs too many...so...don't let that be you. Be safe. Because you are someone's daughter or mother or sister or friend and you matter...and so do the people that you might hurt... So....have a few extra bucks for a cab or call a friend and ask for a ride....even if someone called and I hated them...I would still go pick them up...and I know many people think the same way.

Life is precious & driving after drinking can take it away.

That's all. Be safe. Have fun. And find some mistletoe! (Wink, wink, nudge, nudge!!!!)