Drawn to Downton

**NO spoilers here...if you haven't watched the show and are nervous we might give something away...have no worries...no spoilers here.** Ugh. Downton Abbey. The television craze. First off I (kate) told myself I wouldn't use my computer when I was trying to go to sleep. Yes, I've read the articles about 'winding down' and something about the lights on your computer exciting the neurons in your eyes that stimulate the brain that keep you from sleeping. Yes, I've read it and had been doing really well but I just watched an episode of Downton and felt I HAD TO WRITE ABOUT IT RIGHT NOW. Sorry neurons, we're up.

So, why is everyone so drawn to Downton Abbey? What is it about that show? Yes, it has great writing. Yes, it has phenomenal actors. Yes, the character development makes you want to walk through fire for almost any character. But it's left me thinking...why are so many people drawn to that show?

For me it has something to do with the way things are cherished. Things have such great value in the show and I'm not just speaking monetarily. Whether it's stopping in on someone for a visit or the family name or your chastity...everything was so highly cherished. Maybe it's cause it was a simpler time and there was less to do but I like that back then taking a walk with someone was an activity. Or a picnic. Or a drive. It was all intentional.

There is also something about how valued family is. Meals were eaten together as a family. Extended family was a priority. Honoring their parents and respecting them really meant something. Maybe we like watching that show cause it makes us miss our families less. Or for those of us whose family situation might not be the greatest...maybe you feel like you belong when you watch the show with their fierce family loyalty. Someone told me once that a psychological study was done on the popularity of the show Keep Up With The Kardashians...and it turns out that people watch the show because they like feeling like they are a part of a family unit. Each episode displays family drama but by the end they are always there for each other. Don't we all want that feeling of knowing someone is gonna be there for us?

Whether it's a Kardashian sister or Mr. Carson maybe that's why we get so drawn in--we just want to be a part of something. Included. Looked out for.

So there you have it...there is just something in me that makes my heart swoon all googley eyed when I watch that show. Maybe it's their adorable British accents. It has been known that after we watch the show we both try and talk in British accents and drinks lots of teeeeeeea.