Don't Be Lame Fridays

We can't talk about our friend Will Gray enough. If you are sick of us talking about him--deal with it. When you have someone who is that dynamic of a thinker, who has that kind of a wouldn't stop talking about him and his ideas either :) So, this morning as I sit here and drink my coffee, he just sent me this text: "Just keep on rocking! Don't be lame."

He is referencing a story told here about not being lame.

So we are deeming this: Don't' Be Lame Friday (has a nice ring to it, doesn't it?)

We all have the tendency to be lame. To relax in our cubicle of comfort zones. I know I am. Guilty, party of one, your table is now available. We all do it. But if we think outside the box, maybe give more of ourselves and we could all benefit. We could do something awesome. We could do something that changes someones life. We could make someone smile. People need people. Reach out. Give something away. Hold someone's hand when they need it. Go on that crazy adventure you've been pinning about planning for years. If you always go left, turn right this Friday. It's DONT BE LAME FRIDAY. Go, do, be, LOVE. Who knows what could happen!!! Our friend Bob Goff calls this Love Does... :)

What are you going to do to not be lame on this Friday?

We are gonna give away some t-shirts. Why? Because we don't wanna be lame. And who doesn't love FREE stuff?


It also happens to be the softest t-shirt we have ever felt. It's SO SOFT YOU WON'T WANNA TAKE IT OFF.

So, leave a comment & we will randomly pick a winner from the comments section.

#DBLF (Don't Be Lame Fridays)

Love you guys.