Donate Your Status.

Hellloooo...all you fine folks. So, tomorrow is the big day--the big ca-hoo-nah...our very, first ACOUSTIC, LIVE ALBUM is being released!!!!!! And we have a favor to ask of you...

Would you be so kind as to donate your Twitter or Facebook (or any other social network place you place a status) status to us to help promote the new release? You can donate your status for an hour, a couple hours or the whole 24 hours...any amount of time will help :) You can write whatever you want or feel inclined to share...just let people know that your all time favorite duo "jillandkate" have released a new album :) Wink, wink, nudge, nudge...hahaha :)

Here are a couple links to share with people in your status:

We really couldn't do this without you & your help & support & love & get the idea.

Tell your friends to donate'll be fun!


Love you lots.