Domestic Divas

We thought we'd share some of our favorite domestic household items that we LOVE...right now you could be rolling your eyes and laughing but yes, we thought we'd tell you about, shut it & read on...haha...;) Okay...we can't believe we are blogging about household items...hahhahaaaaa....we are SO cool. Wow. 1. The Swiffer Sweeper

This has changed the amount of crumbs/crap that ends up on the floor--okay, not the amount that gets on the floor but it did change the amount of time it stays there. For real. This is is AWESOME. Not only does it get those pesky little crumbs, it gets those awesome dust bunnies that your normal broom just whisks around. It's green, it's powerful and it will change your life floors.

2. Kirkland Cleaning Wipes

So, these little gems are from our favorite bulk-buying headquarters...COSTCO! For our international friends that have no idea what Costco it. You'll be amazed. Anyway...these little wipes come in three scents and are the perfect fix for any job..big or small. And they are handy...just throw them under your sink and you are good for any cleanup requirement. Bam.

I'm beginning to think we're giving Martha S. a run for her money.

3. Mopping with Your Feet

HA! we really do that?? But wouldn't it be fun? These people had the right idea...I think we definitely know what's going on our Christmas list next year...they are fun, fashionable and practical. Take a look at some of these bad boys:

Not just a slipper.

Those look comfy.

I like that whoever is modeling these is trying to make her feet look sexy still. Ha.

Not sure what these do but they looked cool.

And for the grand prize winner:

That's why you have a kid folks :)

Okay--keep it clean.