Do You Review?

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Not sure about you but the first thing I look at when purchasing an item online are the reviews.

It's the one thing that gives some grounding before I hit the big "purchase" button. Screen Shot 2014-01-22 at 9.54.44 AM

We find this especially true about hotels. Cause the hotel could have all of these gorgeous pictures of their hotel but when you look at pictures that actual people post it's a VERY different picture (pun intended.) Or when the latest reviews talk about construction noises or cockroaches in their bathrooms, I immediately know to move on and find a different one.

So, here's the sitch (yes, I just abbreviated situation...and I'm not sure why...moving on...) I have NEVER left a hotel review. Or a review about ANY product I've ever purchased online. The only time I can remember leaving a review was on an iTunes album (that being's been a long time since I've done that.)

OMG guys, am I the worst? I rely so heavily on reviews and I just don't ever leave them. Ey yi yi.

I guess I just thought that people who leave reviews...that's their thing. Like, they enjoy leaving reviews because it's their thing. But really am I just skipping out on my public service?

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I bought this the other day from Amazon and what did I do? I read the reviews before I bought it.  And I really should leave a review cause after loading all my jewelry in it the hanger part seems very flimsy. Like the wire might tear through the plastic. I should leave a review so that other suspecting jewelry-organizer-potential-buyers might not fall into the same predicament I am in.

I need to know people. Do you review?