Did I ever tell you? (Day #6)

Did I ever tell you how awesome my 30th birthday was? Well, it was pretty freakin' fabulous. Since it's almost my birthday again...(OMG...) I thought I'd share some pics from how fun last year was. I flew to Florida with Jill and we drank fruity cocktails and I read books, and laid on the beach. IT WAS HEAVEN. Here are some random pics from the trip...I can honestly not remember if I've shared them before...if I have, sue me...I'm re-sharing :)


OH SNAP, room with a view! Yeahhhhh!


Beautiful beach!


Lots of time for reflecting, music listening & selfies on the beach.


Loved walking on the beach..I mean come on, palm trees & sandy beaches? Yes please.


Yummy frozen-fruity-pina colada!


Gorgeous sunset. Big clouds and a big ocean make me feel small (in the best way.)


Not a care in the world. Just a great big moon & sky.

I wish every birthday I could go to Florida. Heck, I wish for everyone's birthday I could celebrate with them on a beach in FLorida...now we're talking!