Details and more details.

Hello! Well we are SUPER pumped about December 9th!  Finally ya'll will be able to hear what we've been working on since February!!  Here are some details that you outta know...

*Finding My Own Way-EP is JUST going to be released digitally. iTunes & is where you'll be able to purchase it on December 9th!  If you are outside the US (which we know a lot of you are-woohoo!) you'll have to go to and download it there.  It will be available on iTunes internationally, but it will be a few weeks after December 9th. So tell you friends, and their friends and anyone you know to download it December 9th!

* our International friends who have been wondering if we will still send you a Christmas card...of course...what do you think, we'd forget about you because we're separated by an ocean or two? No way. We can't GUARANTEE that the cards will be there by Christmas, (we'll try) but of course we will still be sending cards overseas. 

So to summarize: If you're international, we love you. Go to on December 9th to download our new EP. And be looking in your lovely mailboxes for our cards. 

Ok--that's all.  Happy December 1st! It's snowing in :)