December 1. The Fun has begun.

Okay, it's the first day of our 31 days of  blogging. Hopefully. We are gonna do our best. :) We are in Fresno, CA tonight and got a visit from our friend David who we used to tour with way back when! It's great to have friends all over the country that we get to see from time to time.

We only have 7 more shows on this All I Ever Wanted US's been a really awesome time. Yesterday we got to spend some time in San Jose which was a really cool city! We had dinner at Maggiano' of our favorite places to get Italian food. Our waiter dumped over a glass of wine right by Ashley's feet. He thought the glass was empty. It was perfectly good wine. Oh well.

Well, that was a very exciting story, we know...but it's time to get on stage now so this is all for today. Tomorrow will be better....maybe.