Dancing In Hair & Make-Up

So, this picture is why we missed tweet back Tuesday this past week. We were on the set of Dancing With The Stars getting ready to perform with Kelly and after soundcheck we got swept away by production people. First, we went to the hair trailer, then straight to the makeup trailer, then the full dress rehearsal run through of the show...then back to hair cause they wanted to fluff it up some more...and then we got dressed again and had to GO BACK TO MAKEUP so they could touch us up and BRONZE us. Yes, bronze us. So, in the pic above Jill has two people working on her...one on her face, one bronzing her arm and Kate has one lady working on her face and the other bronzing her arm.

Therefore, we were left with zero free time and thought we'd share this fun story with you.

Those people at Dancing With The Stars were a big, ball of energy & fun. And they really, really, really were concerned about how we looked.

Good times.

Off to London BABY! -j&k-