Come see us.

A few days ago we told you about a mini-tour that we were graciously invited to join and we thought we'd tell you more about it. As most of you know, Jill and I met at a college program called The Contemporary Music Center (from here on referred to as the CMC). Each semester they take their students on a practicum type experience to give everyone a hands on opportunity to see-live-and-breathe the music industry. Sometimes that involves a road-trip to different music cities like Los Angeles, NYC or Nashville for meetings with executives, producers and labels...sometimes it means taking their wildly talented students on a short-run tour....and that's what they are doing this semester. They have asked us to join them this month and we are psyched! We could not be more thrilled to be a part of their tour...we would not be doing what we are doing if it weren't for the CMC. (All the shows except the Nashville show are a part of the tour.) So here's the skinny on the shows & the details we have thus far: November 17th:


Time: 7:00pm

Location: Nash Chapel

November 18th:

Anderson University

Time: 9:00PM

Location: Fine Arts 101

November 19th:

Indian Wesleyan University

Time : 9:00PM

Location: Great Room

November 20th:

Taylor University

Time: 7:ooPM

Location: Student Union

*November 22:

Nashville, TN

Time: 9:00PM

Location: 12th & Porter

*All shows are all ages except for 12th & Porter. 18+

Alright--so come & see us--we will be selling the new Songs on the 17th Album at the shows, as well as other j&k merchandise items you want.

See you soon.