Come On Ring Those Bells

Do you have one Christmas song that always gets you in the spirit? Mine is "Come On Ring Those Bells" by Evie. Every year, ever since I can remember, my mom puts on the Evie Christmas tape at Christmas time...YES, i said in cassette tape. Remember those? They look like this:

For some reason this particular song sticks out in my memory from when I was a kid. I would prance around the house putting up decorations or wrapping gifts and sing this song out loud and proud. My brother would get really annoyed at me (what else are little sisters for?) and I would just keep on singing.

I look forward to hearing that song every Christmas, and luckily the cassette is still in tact! After all these years, Evie and I still belt it out at our house around Christmas.

Thanks to the wonder that is YouTube, I found a little video with this song. I have to admit though, it's not quite the same as flipping that cassette over and pressing Play. Take a listen, though, and get in the spirit with me. Two more days, friends!