Okay. Kate here. I have been on a little bit of a rampage. An obsession if you will. With the saw the title...Coldplay.When we were in South Africa earlier this year I was able to catch their show in Johannesburg. HOLY SMOKES WAS IT GOOD! Sixty-two thousand people were there. It was insane.

During the show these giant balloons fell from heaven up above. They were huge and bright colors...why do adults immediately become like children when we see these? I'm not sure but they were rad. since seeing their show I've been absolutely obsessed with their music. I've always loved their sound and known a majority of their albums but I've recently discovered older material like the song "Proof"... or "See You Soon"... ahhh...they have SO much awesome material. And how did this kid not know about the Lost+ version with Jay-Z on it?? We all know about my love for Jay-Z. How did I not know this? What rock was I living under?

Another fun little fact is that Coldplay shot a portion of the video to "Paradise" at that show I was at. Neat, right? Right.

Here's another fun fact: I was WIDE awake in London on their release day & happened to catch the iTunes countdown thing...

Yeah. That happened. Jet-lag or one knows...

I hope Coldplay keeps making music for a really, really, really, really long time.