Clean Out Your Closet!

So, we all have those days when we stand in front of our piles of clothes on the floor closets and don't know what to wear. If you're anything like me, while you look for a shirt or pants you pass about 6 items and have a perfect excuse about why you cant wear that today..."it's too tight", "i can only wear that color when I'm tanner", "that only fits if I've had E Coli for two weeks" get the picture. Then you go back to your favorite comfy pants/pair of jeans or worn in t-shirt that you wear at least 3 times a week and call it a day. And in a few days you'll do the same thing over again...and those 6 or more items that sit in your closet, forever unworn, just sit and collect dust and take up precious space in your closet. So--go get a plastic trash bag, go through your pile on floor closet and with no abandon grab the items you never wear and give them away! There are people who could actually make good use of your excess that you won't even miss. You can donate used items at local Salvation Army drop-off points, or at Goodwill Store & Donation centers.

A friend of mine just went through her closet and it has inspired me :) So I'm off to tear through my closet on this lovely Sunday afternoon and see what damage I can do (in a good way)!

Cheers to getting organized & helping others too!