Christmas Eve is here...clean out those chimneys!

Okay, so I've spent a little (lot) of time in places like Wal-Mart and Target over the past few days (weeks) and I've noticed a few things. 1. Whoever decided to put Starbucks in Target stores and Dunkin Donuts in Wal-Mart stores is a genius (caffeine addict.)

2. Kids get it. They know the real deal...i'm pretty sure. I've heard on a few occasions this week kids say something along the lines of "I hope Santa's going to bring me a truck (Wii) for you think he will, Dad? Cause I think he will. I'm sure he will, Dad!"

Now, kids are little (crazy) people, but I think they get how the whole thing works because to me it's more of a passive-aggressive 'hint-hint/nudge-nudge' than an innocent question for ol' Daddio. They want what they want and I think (know) they secretly know who's getting it for them. Kids are smarter (cooler) than we give them credit for most (most) of the time.

3. People (I) drive like maniacs this time of year. Of course, the rest of the year I'm a perfect (less than perfect) driver and treat everyone with the decency and courtesy (ahem) that they deserve. But put people (me) in a car in December and I'm crazy! Why? I don't know. I guess I just love joining the world in the whole Peace on Earth extravaganza!

This is random and weird, but it's Christmas Eve so go with it! Hope everyone has a great night tonight! I'm off to wrap wrap wrap...and maybe rap. Who knows.

Until next time. -j.