Christmas Decor!

This fabulous holiday season has already been so much fun! When I (kate) was in Illinois with my family for the Thanksgiving holiday (which was in and of itself AMAZING--so much goooooooood food) I helped my mom & sister put up the family tree! It was so fun seeing ornaments that I've been hanging since I was a kid. We also did a little ornament decorating (my friend Gaby gave me this fun idea)--we decoupaged these tiny little wooden ornaments with old Christmas wrapping paper--we found the wooden trees/stars/angels, etc. at a local craft store super cheap. This is one I did:

My little brother liked docoupaging a little & then putting a TON of glitter on the reindeer...I thought it was a fabulous plan:

To get in the Christmas spirit, we also got a very awesome "Snowman vs. Santa" checkers game...lots of fun:

The night before I left, my mom gave me  a bunch of left over Christmas decorations that she wasn't using (YAY--thanks Mom) and all I've been doing for three days is decorating my house. It's SO.MUCH.FUN. The best part thus far was picking up some cinnamon scented pinecones :) Now, every time you walk in it smells all cinnamony & good. It's fabulous. I feel so blessed.

However, if someone doesn't stop me soon I might become one of these people...they all started with good intent...haha...and then it turned excessive: Watch & learn.

So, don't be surprised if you see me wandering the Christmas decorating aisles or holiday craft stores...or just aimlessly driving around neighborhoods after dark looking at the pretty lights--in the most very non-creepy-non-stalker-way possible.

Oh & I forgot...all hot beverages must be consumed from my cheery holiday mug that someone gave me a few years back :)

Spread cheer people. Why not?

You know where I'll be...