Catching My Breath.

So I started this blog at home yesterday and didn't get to finish it I finished it today :) Well, today is a good day. We have the day off, but not in any old Nashville..a.k.a....HOME! Nashville is seriously the best place on earth. That means doing laundry in my own house, repacking my suitcase...which means...taking out all of the clothes I thought I'd wear but haven't because why fool anyone...on tour my wardrobe consists of comfy pants and comfy pants and more comfy pants. And a sweathshirt and some Ugg boots. That's all I need on tour. So I'm repacking.

I haven't gotten a chance to really say thank you to everyone who came out to the show in Boston. It meant so much to have people come out and share that night with us...people who came from near and far...your support means the world to us. It's a crazy feeling to be on stage and see people singing along--before they are songs, they are thoughts & feelings running through our heads and so to see people relating and singing along is the COOLEST thing ever.

I've been loving fall lately. Officially...Spring is my favorite season...but I may be cheating with Fall a bit. It's been great.

I've been listening to Brandi Carlile's song "Before It Breaks" on repeat.

The guys from Parachute are super cool and lots of fun to travel are the Eric Hutchinson crew...but we already knew that.

Really excited about our show in CHICAGO on Monday...and excited cause I get to see my family while I'm in town. YAY!

Alright...just made a smoothie...gonna go enjoy it.