Can I Get A Witness?

I noticed something while running today. Since it's a public holiday and almost 60 degrees, the park was pretty packed at certain places. Lots of people walking with their families, riding bikes, jogging, etc. Then there were other parts of the park that felt almost deserted...just Jill and I literally huffing and puffing from exhaustion....which that is another story for another day but let me quickly just say that this 10k training has about gotten the best of me...running for 60 minutes is forever (now say "forever" again but make it 6 seconds long cause that's how I mean it.) Plus, the training is now requiring us to run for 60 minutes-3x a week. HA. Nope, not happening. That's too much for this kid. I went on a wee bit of a tangent. Oopsies.

So, we were running. And I found that time went by faster and I was much less focused on how tired my legs were when there were other people around. When we were in deserted parts I found myself realizing how tired I was and wondering how many minutes had passed since the last time I checked. As I was running thinking about this, I remembered my friend Reva had said that we all need people around to be a witness to what we are going through. I wondered if this was a reflection of that. None of these people knew me and I did not know them...they didn't cheer for me or tell me what great things I was doing for my heart...these strangers were merely a witness.

Sometimes we will go sit in coffee shops to get work done there and I love it. Just the proximity to other makes me feel less alone. Again, the thought pops into my head...these people, these strangers sitting around me are witnesses.

When Reva first mentioned this, she was talking about another friend of ours who was going through a really horrible time...and sometimes when friends go through tough times we can't say anything, we can't do anything...except for maybe be a witness to their pain.

Anyway...those are my random thoughts for today. It reinforces the idea that we truly are all in this together.

I also have a confession: Today I ran in my j&k 5k t-shirt? Who runs in a shirt that has their name on it? I didn't have another clean shirt...but I still felt a little like a douche bag. Please don't tell anyone.




PS. It's my mom's birthday today...LOVE YOU MOM!